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Jaw Pain Treatment

Do you have jaw pain?

Jaw pain is a fairly common problem for a lot of people. The symptoms of jaw pain can range from localised jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, tooth soreness, locking of the jaw and soreness in the jaw and face when eating. People who suffer from chronic jaw pain can have a number of these symptoms.

Causes of jaw pain

Like most problems in the body there are a number of possible causes for jaw pain. One of the most common causes of jaw pain I see is people grinding or clenching their teeth, either as a habit or due to stress. Other causes include extended periods of time having the jaw opened, such as going to the dentist,  joint tracking problems (jaw clicking/cracking) which causes biomechanical changes to the jaw.

A very common cause that affects people these days is also poor neck posture due to looking at computer screens or iPhone screens for long periods of time. This can overload small muscle in the front of the neck, which leads to tension traveling into the muscles surrounding the jaw. Whatever the cause is, jaw pain can be really painful and also eventually lead to neck pain and headaches if left untreated so it is well worth getting it assessed and treated!

Jaw pain treatment

Miki has experience and training in the treatment of jaw problems. Our treatment for jaw pain include trigger point release work of the muscles surrounding the jaw as well as adjusting the upper joints of the neck. We also provided education to help you identify and remove triggers that lead to jaw pain such as grinding/clenching or poor posture.

If you suffer from jaw pain feel free to contact us for more information about our techniques or book online for a new patient appointment.

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