Wrist pain in office workers

Spending long hours typing at your computer and have sore wrists? Wrist pain is not an uncommon complaint in office workers who spend long periods of time typing. Wrist pain is often an annoying injury that can vary from a dull ache into the much more serious complaint of carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason why wrist pain is so common … Read More

Posture tip: Avoid shoulder pain from excessive mouse use

A really common complain I see is people coming into my chiropractic clinic with shoulder and rotator cuff problems from long hours of computer work, specifically in the shoulder of their mouse hand. Excessive mouse work can cause painful trigger points to develop in the small muscles of the rotator cuff. When these trigger points get aggravated they can be … Read More

Chiro Advice- 5 tips to protect your lower back

The lower back is susceptible to injury during lifting, twisting, sudden movements as well as prolonged poor posture. Any of these can cause injury to the soft tissue, joints or nerves of the lower back. Ask anyone who has had a major lower back injury and they will tell you that they would do anything to avoid injuring their back … Read More

Chiro Advice- Tips to avoid neck pain

Most people at some stage in their lives are likely to experience neck pain. At any given time approximately 13% of the adult population will experience neck pain. There are a number of causes for neck pain including joint injury, soft tissue strain or more serious disc injuries. Below are a couple of tips to help prevent neck pain. Find … Read More

Have you got grumpy hamstrings?

Did you know that there are three muscles that form the hamstring muscle group? The semimembranosus and semitendinosus attach to the medial (inside) area of the knee and the bicep femoris attaches to the outside of the knee. All three muscles attach into the sitting bone. The hamstring functions to extend the hip and flex the knee. Signs that your … Read More

Are you Over Training your Abs?

There is no doubt that people are crazy about abs these days! Magazines, diets and workout programmes all emphasise the good old six pack. Unfortunately like any muscle in the body you can over train the abdominals, especially the superficial rectus abdominis muscle. Constantly flexing the abs with sit ups and crunches can have an effect on how the rest … Read More

Chiropractor in Brisbane CBD

Dr Miki Humphrey is a qualified Chiropractor in Brisbane CBD. Miki established her Brisbane CBD Chiropractic Clinic with the aim of helping Brisbane City workers look after their bodies. Miki’s passion is helping people through chiropractic, exercise and healthy lifestyle. This approach to healing and health assists her patients to function at their best in a natural and holistic way. … Read More

How to get stronger glutes with Barefoot Training

Did you know that strengthening the small muscles of the feet can lead to a 200% increase in the speed of glute contraction? I did a very interesting course with the Evidence Based Fitness Academy at the start of the year and learnt some great tips for strengthening the feet to help increase glute and core activation. Increased contraction of … Read More

Should I do Yoga or Pilates?

A common question I get asked from my chiropractic patients is if yoga or pilates is the right form of exercise for them. This is a really good question and I think that a lot of people don’t understand the differences between them. In general most people can benefit from both yoga and pilates but if you are wanting to … Read More