Tips to Create Happy Shoulders

The shoulders, like all joints require optimal strength and positioning to function properly. Unfortunately lots of time spent in front of desks and computers does the shoulders no favours. It is very common to see people with very short tight pecs and internal rotators as well as over active upper trapezius fibres while the lower trapezius fibres are weak and activate very poorly. These muscle imbalances caused by poor posture and lack of stretching create tension in the shoulder joints, thoracic and cervical spine as well as leading to a rounded forward, shoulder slumped position. Some simple stretching and conditioning can help to improve shoulder posture.

  • Strengthen the shoulder external rotators, mid and lower traps and rhomboids with band and cable work at the gym.
  • Mobilise the upper traps and external shoulder rotators to release tension from hypertonic muscle groups using a tennis ball, trigger point ball or foam roller.
  • Stretch and lengthen the pecs and shoulder internal rotators (See image)

Pec Stretch to help with neck, chest and shoulder pain

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