Should You See A Chiropractor Postpartum?

Should You See A Chiropractor Postpartum?

In my last blog I discussed the benefits Chiropractic Care While Pregnant but what about after you have your baby? The answer to that is yes! Giving birth can be exhausting, even traumatic, but is extremely rewarding. Most new mums need time to recover from that experience and consulting a chiropractor postpartum can help this recovery speed up.

Hormonal Effects After Giving Birth

You’ve carried your bubba for nine months during pregnancy and your body has gone through huge changes in this time. The hormone relaxin has been circulating your body leading up to labour, causing ligaments in your pelvis to loosen and assist in a successful delivery. In the postpartum stage, relaxin levels will stabilise over 5 months and cause the ligaments to return to their normal level of elasticity. During this stage, you want to ensure that your spine and pelvis are in good alignment so when relaxin leaves your system the joints in your hips and pelvis can return to a good position. This helps your pelvis to recover after pregnancy and childbirth and will help you to avoid long term aches and pains post-pregnancy

Correcting Mum Posture With Adjustments

Getting adjusted by a chiropractor postpartum is also a great way to help with ‘Mum Posture’. After the baby has arrived, essential activities like breastfeeding, leaning over cots and holding your bubba can create imbalances in your spine. Chiropractic techniques can be tailored to assist in maintaining a healthy spine.

Benefits of Postpartum Exercise

This is also the time when many women are starting to get back into a regular exercise routine – that’s great! Exercise after birth has many benefits such as restoring strength, relieving stress, raising energy levels and improve mood. As part of your exercise routine, it is essential to incorporate abdominal core exercises to make sure your stabilising muscles are supporting the spine. Chiropractors can help to prescribe gentle exercises to make sure you can safely get back into physical activity and day-to-day tasks without hurting yourself.

Speak To A Chiropractor Postpartum

If you had a baby recently and are struggling with pain or imbalances from pregnancy or Mum posture you may benefit from speaking to a chiropractor postpartum. Dr Miki Humphrey is trained in many gentle techniques that can help you get back to feeling great and allow you to enjoy your time with your baby. Remember it’s important to look after yourself as well as your baby! Make a booking or contact us directly today.

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