Best Exercises For Better Posture


Best Exercises For Better Posture

Exercise is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to release tension in your body caused by stress, improve mental welling and of course strengthen muscles. In this blog, we’ll discuss what muscles play an important role in correcting poor posture and the best exercises for better posture.

Taking you through today’s exercises is Dr Miki Humphrey, an accredited Chiropractor based in Brisbane that is passionate about helping people live a healthy and active lifestyle. Miki is registered with the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia and holds a B.Chiro, BPhEd (Exercise Prescription) so she is well informed to recommend various exercises.


Stretching Your Pectoral Muscles

The pectoral muscles are a muscle group that has a major effect on your posture. Tight Pectoral Muscles can pull the shoulders forward and create a forward slouched posture tilt. This is a problem found in many patients but with stretching and certains exercises, it is possible to improve and maintain better posture.

We have previously discussed stretches for  Pectoralis Muscle Stretch, which can be used to ensure they do not become too dominant and pull the shoulders forward. Check out that blog to find out more.

Exercising The Deltoid Muscles

After stretching the pecs the muscle group that I recommend strengthening is the posterior section of the Deltoid muscles. The Deltoid is the large triangular muscle at the top of your shoulder, divided into 3 parts based on how the different muscle fibres function. The rear delt refers to the posterior section of the muscle which helps to extend the arm and maintain proper shoulder posture.

What can happen in prolonged poor posture is the pec becomes tight and dominant which then starts to weaken the rear delt muscle. This sets the shoulders up to be pulled forward by the pecs, creating bad posture and also making the shoulder more prone to injury.

Exercising the delts can help maintain better balance in the shoulders and assist with posture. These exercises are easier to perform if you go to the gym or have light dumbells at home otherwise a resistance band will do. You can purchase a resistance band from Kmart or Rebel Sport.

Remember to stretch your pecs first so you can get more activation from the rear delt muscle. In regards to exercises for better posture, keeping your rear delt muscles strong will help with your shoulder stability and shoulder posture so I highly recommend strengthening these muscles.


Bent-Over Reverse Flies

Keeping your back flat and your knees loose, bend your upper body to a 45º angle and use your back muscles to move your dumbbells out to the side, creating a “T” shape with your upper body. Check out this video to check you use the correct technique. You’ll know you’re using the right muscles if you can feel your shoulders squeezing at the top of the move. No weights? You can also try this move with a resistance band.



Band / Cable Face-pull

Face-pulls are one of my favourite exercises for strengthening the back of the shoulders and upper back. This move requires a little bit of setup: wrap an exercise band around a pole (or, if you’re at home, a chair, banister, or door hinge) so that it’s the same height as your nose. Slowly pull the band toward your face, engaging through your shoulders and upper back, and work on keeping your arms parallel to your shoulders. This can also be performed at a gym using cable machines. Watch this video on Face-Pull Techniques to practice yourself.

Consider Speaking To A Exercise Treatment Expert

Although these exercises for better posture can be performed by yourself at the gym or at home, you may find an exercise professional can suggest variations based on your needs and ensure you use the proper technique. If so, Get In Touch with Dr Miki Humphrey Chiropractor and see how much better you can feel when you improve your posture!

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