3 Wellness Tips For Zoom Meetings


3 Wellness Tips For Zoom Meetings

We are now midway through 2021 and while many people have returned to their offices, at least a couple of days a week, there’s one thing that looks like it’s here to stay — Zoom Meetings.

Zoom is a video-calling technology that has enabled digital meetings and became an essential tool to keep businesses running during the pandemic. It’s also allowed greater work/life balance as it’s saved countless hours in commuting.

However, there are downsides.

The rise of digital meetings has caused us to spend more time in front of our screens rather than face-to-face meetings, creating zoom fatigue leading to an increase in neck and back pain or ‘zoom neck’ as I call it. Zoom meetings can often run over time and be disorganised, leading to higher stress levels and poor time management. This can all have a major impact on our overall well-being.

What Is The Solution?

After 12 months of treating patients postural issues associated with zoom meetings, I’ve witnessed a number of causes. Here are my top three wellness tips for Zoom meetings:

1. Set Aside Time For Stretching / Movement

Spending extended periods of time at our desk can cause a number of negative effects.

If your zoom meeting is scheduled to run for an hour or more, set aside five minutes halfway through the meeting so those on the call can take a quick break to move around. During this time, meeting attendees can take a short walk around their house, perform some light stretches and reset their posture.

For shorter Zoom meetings, set aside time after the meeting to take your movement break. Taking a rest from the screen helps to prevent poor posture from setting in and will keep you feeling fresh for work.

2. Keep Hydrated During Meetings

Prior to the start of your Zoom meeting, prepare a drink bottle filled with water. Drinking water will keep you hydrated which helps keep your muscles and joints supple and improves your mood for work. Try to switch that second coffee over to a glass of water – our bodies need a minimum of two litres of water per day!

3. Plan meetings with Mindfulmeets

As we mentioned, Zoom meetings can descend into anarchy very quickly with disorganised notes and running overtime.

I recently discovered this great app called MindfulnessMeets which is specifically designed to improve digital wellness. It can be added to meetings and allows you to plan an agenda, add extra information about meeting members, and gracefully exit meetings.

MindfullMeets has just launched and is fast becoming popular as an easy tool to use to make your online meetings more efficient and mindful. Check out their website for more information.

Visit Dr Miki Humphrey Chiropractic

The rise of Zoom meetings does not mean you have to suffer from neck and back pain. Incorporate these three wellness tips for zoom meetings and see what results you can achieve.

If you have a persistent injury or need advice concerning rehabilitation, do not be afraid to seek help. Chiropractic treatments use spinal adjustments, exercises and stretches that strengthen muscles, release tension and improve wellbeing. Book a consultation with Dr Miki Humphrey at her Brisbane chiropractic clinic today!


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