3 Simple Exercises For A Sore Neck


3 Simple Exercises For A Sore Neck

It’s almost Christmas break and many of us will be planning trips away this holiday season. Time off and trips to visit family and friends are always lots of fun. But the time away often can have repercussions on our neck and shoulders. Between uncomfortable inflatable mattresses and long car rides, it’s easy to wake up with a sore neck and a non-alcohol induced headache.

Here are three simple exercises for a sore neck and tips to help prevent aches so you can enjoy this special time of year.


Bring Your Own Pillow On Holiday

Our pillow is something we can feel very particular about — too soft or too hard and it can really diminish the quality of sleep.

If you are road tripping or have extra room in your suitcase, try bringing your own pillow with you on holiday. When choosing a pillow, it’s important that its shape and size is ergonomic with the curves in your neck while you are sleeping. Ending up on an unsupportive pillow while you’re travelling can set you up for a bad nights sleep and a sore neck the next morning.


Setup The Headrests In Your Car Ergonomically

If you are heading away on a road trip, it’s worthwhile finding ways to make your care more ergonomic. I recommend setting up your headrests in a way that avoids needing to push your head too far forward.

This may involve tilting them back or lowering them down so that your neck can be kept in a neutral position while sitting in the car.


Stretch Your Neck & Traps

If you want a deep, effective stretch to help prevent neck pain, I recommend practising the trap stretch technique. Your neck muscles are like any other muscle in your body and need to be stretched. This neck stretch exercise is easy to do and will help prevent your traps from tightening up and triggering neck pain.

Tilt your head until you feel a stretch and hold for one minute. Return to the starting position and do the same again on the other side of your head. Repeat this a couple of times daily. Find out more useful exercises for neck pain here.

Consult A Specialist For Ongoing Neck Pain

Hopefully, these exercises for a sore neck will help you when you are away on holiday and trying to enjoy a Christmas break.

If you are suffering from back pain before your holiday, I highly recommend getting it checked out now. Once the Christmas holidays begin, many Chiropractic clinics will be closed and it will be harder to seek treatment.

If you have any questions about neck pain please contact us or book an appointment with a specialist today.

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