Spine Pain Treatment Brisbane

Miki is accredited with the Chiropractor’s Association of Australia and can utilise a range of methods such as chiropractic and soft tissue techniques for the highest quality spine pain treatment Brisbane has to offer. Many people seek chiropractic for spine pain and studies have shown that chiropractic may be able to help reduce or resolve episodes of pain along the spine.

Do You Struggle With Spine Pain?

Pain in the spine can be incredibly uncomfortable and is one of the most common causes for missed days at work. Spine pain can be apparent anywhere along the spine but is most common in the lumbar spine (lower back) or the cervical spine (neck). Spine pain is identified by the following symptoms:

  • Restricted range of motion in the back
  • Difficulty maintaining good posture due to pain or stiffness
  • Muscle spasms at rest or with activity
  • Ongoing pain

What Causes Spine Pain?

Because the lumbar spine and the cervical spine bear the weight of the body and also assist with moving, twisting and bending, they are quite prone to strain. Pain occurs when muscles or ligaments are abnormally stretched and can be a result of injury or overuse.

Common causes of lumbar spine pain include falls, prolonged sitting, sedentary jobs, highly physical jobs, twisting of the trunk, excessive reaching, muscle strains, accidents, sports injuries and obesity. Common causes of cervical spine pain include poor posture, too much screen time (aka tech neck), muscle strains, accidents, sports injuries and obesity.

For stretches that you can perform at home, view our blog, Stretches to Relieve Back Pain and Strengthen the Spine. 

spine pain treatment brisbane 2Chiropractic Spine Pain Treatment Brisbane

Brisbane chiropractor, Dr Miki, focuses on the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure (particularly the spine) which will assist the body to heal itself without the need for surgery or medication.

Spinal adjustment and manual adjustments can be used to treat spine pain. Spinal adjustments refer to a high-velocity, low amplitude thrust that is applied to a specific area of the spine. The type of adjustment used will be tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient. Treatments can be a lower force for a  more manual adjustment.

Our Range of Chiropractic Services

We are a Medibank Private Members Choice Provider and are available for after-hours appointments and pregnancy appointments on request. Our Brisbane CBD location makes us convenient for corporate health services, which can be provided in-office at our corporate CBD location.

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Many people choose chiropractic to relieve spine pain. If you’re suffering from the above symptoms or would like a spinal adjustment, Dr Miki would love to help you out! For more information or bookings feel free to get in touch or make a booking online.

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