Review: TRX Training

About 3 years ago I discovered some TRX suspension straps in my gym. I had never used them before and wasn’t really sure how to incorporate them into my training. At the time I was really into CrossFit and weight lifting so I didn’t think that TRX training would be tough enough for me. Turns out I was wrong!!! The … Read More

Should I do Yoga or Pilates?

A common question I get asked from my chiropractic patients is if yoga or pilates is the right form of exercise for them. This is a really good question and I think that a lot of people don’t understand the differences between them. In general most people can benefit from both yoga and pilates but if you are wanting to … Read More

Don’t forget to train your obliques!

It is common knowledge that we need to keep our core strong in order to protect our spines however a lot of people seem to focus on the superficial core layer, rectus abdominis (RA) and forget about the lateral stabilisers, the internal and external obliques! The external oblique is a superficial muscle and is visible running from ribs to the front … Read More

Core Strength and Low Back Pain

I see patients every day in my chiropractic practice complaining of low back pain caused by a number of different issues with the joints and muscles of the lumbopelvic area. A really common cause for low back pain stems from a lack of core strength. I’m a big believer that good abdominal strength is important for everyone and here’s why. … Read More