Review: TRX Training

TRX Core Training for Sports Performance and Injury Prevention used by Brisbane CBD ChiropractorAbout 3 years ago I discovered some TRX suspension straps in my gym. I had never used them before and wasn’t really sure how to incorporate them into my training. At the time I was really into CrossFit and weight lifting so I didn’t think that TRX training would be tough enough for me. Turns out I was wrong!!! The first time I tried some basic TRX core exercises I was exhausted within 5 minutes and realised just how challenging this type of exercise could be! It is now a staple part of my training and I try to uses the TRX at the end of most of my workouts to get some good quality core training in or for some body weight stability work.

How does TRX Training Work

TRX suspension training is a form of resistance training which uses bodyweight exercises utilising the TRX straps. Common functional compound exercises such as squats, lunges and planks are used with the TRX straps to create challenging body weight exercises. TRX training is designed to develop core strength, balance and flexibility.

Benefits of TRX Training

  1. Increased Core Strength and Stability– The core is challenged in every single exercise. The TRX doesn’t just challenge the superficial layer of the core, it also works the transverse abdominal, obliques, pelvis floor muscles and other stabilising muscles.
  2. Injury Prevention– The TRX allows movement in multiple planes of motion. Traditional machine based programmes tend to be very linear. The TRX allows for movements such as twisting, rotation as well as moving left and right. This allows the body to move as it is designed to and reduces the risk of muscle imbalance and injury caused by machine based training programmes.
  3. Enhance Sports and Gym Training Performance– The unstable nature of the TRX forces the body’s stabilisers to be recruited. This will enhance the nervous systems ability to coordinate movement, build motor patterns, increase joint stability and functional muscle mass. The benefits of this are reduced risk of injury and better core/muscle recruitment when training/playing sports.


  1. Too Challenging for Beginner Exercisers- The TRX may be too challenging for beginner exercises who do not have adequate core strength and joint stability to perform TRX safely. Untrained gym goers may be better to start with static core exercises such as Pilates or would be best to work with an experienced personal trainer to ensure they are using the TRX effectively in the early stages of their training.


The TRX is a great way to train for functional strength and stability. The fact that exercises can be modified so it can be used with both beginners and more experienced gym goers makes it a very useful and challenging way to train. I especially love it as it is a quick and challenging way to build core strength and stability. Since I have started using it in my own training I have noticed a huge difference in my core stability which has helped with all of my strength based gym work.

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