Chiropractor Tips: Preventing jaw pain

As a chiropractor I see a lot of people coming in for chiropraChiropractor Brisbane CBD. Chiropractor CBD Brisbanectic appointments due to pain in their jaw or neck pain and headaches which are linked with jaw tension. TMJD or jaw dysfunction is surprisingly common and can cause a number of issues in the neck and jaw region such as acute jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, jaw pain when chewing and a clicking or locking jaw. While
treatment is necessary in acute cases of jaw pain there are certainly some lifestyle changes people can make to prevent jaw pain.

  1. Chewing gum- If you’re prone to jaw pain stop chewing gum on a regular basis! Chewing gum on a daily basis can quickly double or triple the number of bite repetitions you do per day. If there is an imbalance or existing tension present in the jaw this will only make your issues much worse.
  2. Clenching and grinding-A lot of people tend to hold their stress in their jaws. Clenching and grinding is a very common subconscious habit many people develop. If this is the case developing an awareness of when you are prone to clenching your jaw is important. It is also important to develop possible ways to reduce stress so you are less likely to start clenching your jaw in moments of tension.
  3. Posture- Poor posture is another cause for jaw tension. Looking down at computer screens or sitting in a slouched posture can cause tension to develop in the muscles and joints at the front of the neck. When these muscles and joints get overloaded the tension can move up into the jaw creating not only neck pain but also jaw tension as well. Maintaining a neutral spine as much as possible is very important for keeping your spine and jaw happy. As a chiropractor in Brisbane CBD this is a common cause of jaw pain in people who don’t chew gum or grind their teeth.

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