Neck Strain Treatment

Do you experience neck strain or neck pain?

Neck strain can happen when you overuse the muscles and ligaments that support your head and neck. Activities such as spending too many hours hunched over your computer or smartphone often trigger a stiff neck and muscle strains.

Even minor things, such as reading in bed, poor posture, watching television on the couch lying down or gritting your teeth can strain neck muscles. Neck strain can also result from acute injuries such as whiplashes or disc injuries. You may notice a reduced range of motion, pain and stiffness.

Simple remedies such as applying ice, heating pads or pain reliever medications may help. However, if you experience a severe neck strain, you may develop chronic pain or other long-term problems.

Fortunately, there’s a range of treatment options. Research has shown that gentle chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce pain and increase movement in those suffering from neck pain. At Dynamic Chiropractic, we use the most researched chiropractic techniques to provide effective spinal realignment and pain relief.

neck-strain-treatment-dynamicHow Can A Chiropractor Help?

Neck pain can be a result of strain or stress in the muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones and joints of the spine. Chiropractors are trained in the assessment, adjustment and treatment of the joints and muscles of the neck and spine.

They work on restoring normal alignment and function of the joints of the neck and spine in order to assist with the function of the nervous system and restore mobility to areas of tension in the body.

At Dynamic Chiropractic, we have a variety of techniques that suit patients’ levels of comfort. These include:

As well as the ability to perform effective manual adjustments, our chiropractors are knowledgeable and skilled at providing education for at-home exercises, health and lifestyle changes that may bring about a better quality of life.

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