Training Tip- 5 reasons to try yoga

Whether you are an endurance athlete, weight lifter or simply looking to improve your health and fitness routine I highly recommend trying yoga. As a chiropractor I believe that yoga is not only fantastic for the spine and body but also the mind as well. Here are 5 great reasons to give yoga a try! Yoga offers a focused time … Read More

Are you Over Training your Abs?

There is no doubt that people are crazy about abs these days! Magazines, diets and workout programmes all emphasise the good old six pack. Unfortunately like any muscle in the body you can over train the abdominals, especially the superficial rectus abdominis muscle. Constantly flexing the abs with sit ups and crunches can have an effect on how the rest … Read More

Review: TRX Training

About 3 years ago I discovered some TRX suspension straps in my gym. I had never used them before and wasn’t really sure how to incorporate them into my training. At the time I was really into CrossFit and weight lifting so I didn’t think that TRX training would be tough enough for me. Turns out I was wrong!!! The … Read More

High Intensity Interval Training vs Chronic Cardio

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is very popular right now and for good reason. HIIT training is a different way to structure cardio sessions. Rather than going for a long slow run/bike or swim these are shorter sessions with a combination of short, intense sprints followed by recovery periods. This type of training gets away from the traditional long, slow … Read More

Don’t forget to train your obliques!

It is common knowledge that we need to keep our core strong in order to protect our spines however a lot of people seem to focus on the superficial core layer, rectus abdominis (RA) and forget about the lateral stabilisers, the internal and external obliques! The external oblique is a superficial muscle and is visible running from ribs to the front … Read More