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TMJ Treatment Brisbane: Relieve Your Jaw Tension

Have you been experiencing jaw tension and pain? It could have something to do with your Temporomandibular (TMJ) joints. It connects your jawbone to the skull with multiple muscles and a small disc attached to the mandible. Naturally, it’s an extremely important joint because you use it every time you talk, chew and swallow.

TMJ Disorders can be caused by a variety of factors. It may be the result of an injury to the jaw or an underlying health condition such as arthritis, habitual clenching or grinding of the teeth or structural jaws problems present at birth.

Symptoms of TMJ include jaw pain while chewing, pain in the ear, face, jaw and neck, clicking, grating or popping sounds in the jaw, locked jaw and headaches.

Fortunately, TMJ disorders are usually temporary and can be treated. You can start with a few self-care practices at home and if symptoms persist, consider seeking the help of an allied healthcare professional.

Self-Care Practices For TMJ

To ease the symptoms of TMJ you can start with the following self-care practices:

  • eat soft foods
  • avoid chewing gum and tough foods
  • reduce stress (try deep breathing exercises or meditation)
  • use an ice pack to reduce swelling
  • use jaw-stretching exercises to help improve jaw movement

The goal of these exercises is to reduce stress and inflammation in the TMJs. Practice a combination of these techniques to see if they alleviate the discomfort. If you continue to experience pain and tightness around the jaw, you can try more advanced techniques.

TMJ Treatment Brisbane

There is a range of health care professionals who offer TMJ treatment in Brisbane, ranging from allied health care practitioners such as chiropractors and TMJ physiotherapists to general dentists and more specialised neuromuscular dentists.

During your visit, the health practitioner will assess the range of motion and tracking of the jaw, release the tight muscles and joints around the jaw, and prescribe TMJ pain relief exercises if needed.

If your jaw dysfunction requires further intervention involving a specialist or neuromuscular dentist, the allied health practitioner should have a good referral network to someone who specialises in that area.

TMJ-Treatment-Brisbane-CDB-Dynamic-Chiropractic-Experience Holistic Care At Dynamic Chiropractic

Dynamic Chiropractic is a leading clinic offering a holistic range of treatments for spinal and joint disorders. Started by Dr Miki Humphrey [B. Chiro, BPhEd (Exercise Prescription)], this Brisbane CBD based clinic delivers effective treatment in a relaxed environment.

Dr Miki’s experience and professionalism shine with patients. Over the last 10 years, she’s helped hundreds of patients manage and recover from injuries by applying alternative treatment techniques. She uses a combination of chiropractic, soft tissue, and cranial techniques to give thorough full-body therapy.

What makes Dynamic Chiropractic truly stand out is our dedication to providing holistic care and a gentle approach that takes into account each client’s unique case.

Our Brisbane CBD Clinic Offers:

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  • Pregnancy Appointments

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