Tips to Alleviate Low Back Pain

Back pain can be difficult, painful and debilitating. More than 70% of back pain comes from a lumbar facet joint, the sacroiliac joint or a lumbar disc injury. If the correct cause of the back injury isn’t treated you will likely only receive temporary relief from the pain.

Tips for helping with Back Pain

  1. Get a good diagnosis- Getting the correct diagnosis for back pain is essential as this will help with the right treatment for the specific injury.
  1. Find the right practitioner for you- Everybody is different and will respond to certain treatments differently. Finding the right practitioner is important on your road to recovery.
  1. Build core strength- A strong core is protective of the lower back and is important for preventing and rehabilitating lower back injuries. Find a practitioner who can give you some simple core strengthening exercises that can be integrated into your daily habits.
  1. Avoid activities that aggravate or cause the pain- If certain exercises at the gym or work are aggravating your lower back pain take some time off from them to let your back heal.
  1. Try Chiropractic- Chiropractors are trained and skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. Chiropractors offer a drug free approach to assisting with low back pain and will look for the cause of the problem. This approach can help you get back to feeling great and prevent further problems or injuries.

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