What is the difference between chiropractors and physiotherapists?

I often get asked what is the difference between chiropractors and physiotherapists and it is certainly a good question. Chiropractors and physios will often treat similar injuries but use quite different approaches. Obviously it is difficult to generalise how all chiropractors and physios treat the body as each practitioner will have their own unique set of skills and treatment techniques. … Read More

Chiro Advice- Pros and Cons to Standing Desks

Standing desks are becoming very popular in offices around the city. From a chiropractic perspective I certainly prefer them to traditional desks for a number of reasons. By now most people are well aware of the damage that long hours of sitting can do to our bodies and standing desks offer a number of health benefits. Pros- Our bodies really … Read More

Chiropractor in Brisbane CBD

Dr Miki Humphrey is a qualified Chiropractor in Brisbane CBD. Miki established her Brisbane CBD Chiropractic Clinic with the aim of helping Brisbane City workers look after their bodies. Miki’s passion is helping people through chiropractic, exercise and healthy lifestyle. This approach to healing and health assists her patients to function at their best in a natural and holistic way. … Read More

CrossFit.. A Chiropractors Perspective

CrossFit is a popular exercise trend that seems to be here to stay. Because of its rapid rise in popularity and unique training methods it has attracted a lot of both good and bad publicity. Generally speaking the medical profession and musculoskeletal therapists tend to warn against CrossFit and there is good reason for that as there is a definite … Read More

Q and A with A Brisbane Personal Trainer Ritchie

Q: How long have you been a PT at Elizabeth Street Fitness First? A: I started here at Elizabeth street when the club opened just over 4 years ago now. Q: What is your training philosophy? A: My training philosophy would be “Train With Purpose” identify what exactly it is that you want to achieve from your body and train … Read More

Should I do Yoga or Pilates?

A common question I get asked from my chiropractic patients is if yoga or pilates is the right form of exercise for them. This is a really good question and I think that a lot of people don’t understand the differences between them. In general most people can benefit from both yoga and pilates but if you are wanting to … Read More

Are you an Active Couch Potato?

Do you go to the gym or put on your running shoes and head out for a jog most days of the week but still end up sitting all day at work? If this sounds like you then you might just fall into the category of an ‘Active Couch Potato’. An active couch potato dedicates time to exercise but is … Read More

3 Great Stretches for Office Workers

  Here are my top stretches for office workers or anyone who is sitting and doing a lot of computer work. These three stretches can help prevent muscle tightness and soreness as well as assisting with maintaining a good posture. A lot of my patients get given these stretches as homework. 1. Pec Stretch– This stretch is a great way … Read More

Tips to Alleviate Low Back Pain

Back pain can be difficult, painful and debilitating. More than 70% of back pain comes from a lumbar facet joint, the sacroiliac joint or a lumbar disc injury. If the correct cause of the back injury isn’t treated you will likely only receive temporary relief from the pain. Tips for helping with Back Pain Get a good diagnosis- Getting the … Read More

Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Did you know that we are spending up to 80% of our days sitting? There seems to be an increasing amount of research directed at the problems caused by sitting for long periods of time. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way from getting around the fact that sitting for long periods of time has become a part of … Read More