Tips for cyclists with tight hips

Anyone who cycles more than once or twice a week is likely to experience tightness in their hips at some point in their cycling career. Cycling is known for causing trigger points to develop in the glute and hip stabilisers. If you have any issues with you hips associated with cycling here are a few tips that can help keep … Read More

Weightlifting Belts: Pros and Cons

Weightlifting belts are commonly seen in gyms these days. They are used to stabilise the lower back during heavy lifts and allows lifters to move more weight. Pros: Weightlifting belts are generally used to prevent injury and enhance performance. The benefits of wearing a weight belt essentially come from an increased ability to generate intra abdominal pressure. By increasing pressure … Read More

Chiro Advice- 5 tips to protect your lower back

The lower back is susceptible to injury during lifting, twisting, sudden movements as well as prolonged poor posture. Any of these can cause injury to the soft tissue, joints or nerves of the lower back. Ask anyone who has had a major lower back injury and they will tell you that they would do anything to avoid injuring their back … Read More

Have you got grumpy hamstrings?

Did you know that there are three muscles that form the hamstring muscle group? The semimembranosus and semitendinosus attach to the medial (inside) area of the knee and the bicep femoris attaches to the outside of the knee. All three muscles attach into the sitting bone. The hamstring functions to extend the hip and flex the knee. Signs that your … Read More