Posture tip: Avoid shoulder pain from excessive mouse use

A really common complain I see is people coming into my chiropractic clinic with shoulder and rotator cuff problems from long hours of computer work, specifically in the shoulder of their mouse hand. Excessive mouse work can cause painful trigger points to develop in the small muscles of the rotator cuff. When these trigger points get aggravated they can be … Read More

Do you have jaw pain?

Jaw pain or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) is a fairly common complaint. The symptoms of jaw dysfunction can range from localised jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, tooth soreness, locking of the jaw and soreness in the jaw and face when eating. People who suffer from chronic jaw pain can have a collection of the above symptoms. There are a number … Read More

Posture tips for upper back pain

Upper back pain or thoracic spine pain is a very common complaint. It is especially common in people who work at desks day in and day out. Poor desk set up and long hours in a stationary position tend to generate tension and pain in the upper back. Here are some posture tips to assist with the prevention of upper … Read More

Chiro Tip: Chiropractic for hip tension

Been a chiropractor in Brisbane CBD I see people visiting me on a regular basis for a number of posture related issues. A big problem for a lot of office workers is tension in the hips. The problem tends to arise from the fact the large gluteus maximus and medius muscles have a tendency to switch off and stop working … Read More

Weightlifting Belts: Pros and Cons

Weightlifting belts are commonly seen in gyms these days. They are used to stabilise the lower back during heavy lifts and allows lifters to move more weight. Pros: Weightlifting belts are generally used to prevent injury and enhance performance. The benefits of wearing a weight belt essentially come from an increased ability to generate intra abdominal pressure. By increasing pressure … Read More

Chiro Advice- 5 tips to protect your lower back

The lower back is susceptible to injury during lifting, twisting, sudden movements as well as prolonged poor posture. Any of these can cause injury to the soft tissue, joints or nerves of the lower back. Ask anyone who has had a major lower back injury and they will tell you that they would do anything to avoid injuring their back … Read More

Overcoming Back Pain During Exercise

Back pain during exercise is very common. There are a number of reasons why people experience back pain during exercise including just training too much! The goal of exercise should be to train not over train and pain is an indicator that damage is being done to the body. Don’t ignore pain when training, if you train through pain you … Read More

Spinal Health Week 2016

Spinal Health Week (23-29 May) is just around the corner. This year Spinal Health Week has the theme ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’ and will focus on how people can live and perform better through good spinal function, reducing pain, improving posture and taking care of their health. The Chiropractor’s Association of Australia through Spinal Health Week supports the World Health … Read More

Have you got grumpy hamstrings?

Did you know that there are three muscles that form the hamstring muscle group? The semimembranosus and semitendinosus attach to the medial (inside) area of the knee and the bicep femoris attaches to the outside of the knee. All three muscles attach into the sitting bone. The hamstring functions to extend the hip and flex the knee. Signs that your … Read More