Is your lower back pain caused by your Sacroiliac Joint?


SacroIliac Joint can cause lower back pain which can be treated by a Brisbane CBD ChiropractorThe sacroiliac joint or SI joint is a large joint in the pelvis between the sacrum and the ilium. This is a large and important weight bearing joint which is designed to transfer weight from the upper body to the lower limbs. The SI joints are surrounded by large ligaments and muscles which help to stabilise this joint.

As a chiropractor I frequently see people with acute and chronic sacroiliac joint injuries. Acute injuries can be caused by direct falls or poor lifting which can result in sharp pain across the lower back and sacrum. The sacroiliac joint can also become strained from repetitive postural imbalances such as frequently twisting through the lower back when sitting, leaning on one hip joint when standing, changes in leg length and gait abnormalities such as over pronation. Pregnancy, traumatic labour and repetitive high impact exercise can also result in SI joint pain and injury.

As the SI joint is such a large and complex joint when it is strained or not functioning correctly it can cause a lot of trouble for people. Common signs of sacroiliac joint dysfunction include

  • Constant dull achy pain over the left or right side of the lower back and pelvis
  • Pain referring into the gluts or thigh on the same side of the pain
  • Pain that is made worse with sitting or lying down but improves with activity
  • Reduced lumbar range of motion
  • Previous injury in the ankle, knee or hip which has resulted in compensation through the pelvis

Having experienced an injury to my right SI joint several years ago I know first hand how painful this can be. Chiropractic adjustments can be used to restore proper sacroiliac joint alignment and function which can help with both acute and chronic sacroiliac joint pain. Proper treatment can assist the SI joint to heal correctly and can help ease the muscle and joint pain associated with this type of injury.

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