Headache Management Tips for Regular Headache Sufferers

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Headache Management Tips for Regular Headache Sufferers

Anyone who has suffered from persistent headaches will tell you how frustrating and tiring they can be… And, it seems like headaches are surprisingly common with the World Health Organisation predicting that approximately 47% of the adult population experience a headache at least once a year. Headaches are one of the most common complaints I see in my chiropractic practice and I have many headache management tips that I share with my patients who suffer from regular headaches.

Headache Management Tips

Below are my top headache management tips for people who are regular headache sufferers.

1. Adjust Your Computer and Phone Screens

Make sure that your computer and phone screens are always at eye level or as close to eye level as possible. Looking down persistently at screens creates an unnatural curve in the neck, commonly referred to as tech neck, which creates tension in the muscles and joints. This can cause headaches.

2. Consider Using a Standing Desk

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If you’re an office worker and suffer from headaches I suggest trying to get a standing desk. Standing desks can help reduce shoulder/neck tension which can contribute to headaches. For my standing desk recommendations, view my blog, Ergonomics at Home: Improve Your WFH Posture.

3. Check TMJ / Jaw Problems

If you have jaw pain or a tendency to clench your jaw then this can contribute to headaches. I have many patients whose jaw issues have led to headaches as the muscles in the jaw have referral patterns that create headaches. Getting your jaw pain treated and finding ways to manage clenching and grinding the jaw can be a big help to headache sufferers.

4. Do Corrective Exercises

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For people whose headaches are caused by leaning over screens excessively, this is my favourite corrective exercise for headache management. Get a towel and roll it up. Lie on the ground facing upwards and place the rolled-up towel underneath your neck and allow your neck to stretch back over the towel. This will stretch all the muscles and ligaments down the front of the neck and helps to correct forward head posture that so many of us suffer from due to excessive screen use.

5. Seek Treatment for Headache Management

If your headaches are persisting after making simple lifestyle changes I recommend seeking treatment. Headaches can respond well to a range of allied health treatments such as chiropractic, remedial massage, dry needling, acupuncture and physiotherapy.

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