3 Best Stretches For Back Tightness During Holiday Season


3 Best Stretches For Back Tightness During Holiday Season

With December rolling around, Christmas is not far away and many of us will be making our plans for the holiday season.

While time off for the holidays is great for relaxing and recharging, it may also mean some disruptions to our normal routine. This time of year often brings with it long car rides, spending a few nights or even weeks away from the comforts of your home bed and the responsibility of heaving heavy presents around. This can all take a toll on our backs.

The improvised sleeping arrangements is one that often resonates. Sleeping on a bad air mattress while camping or on an old pull-out couch can quickly lead to a stiff back. Let’s be honest — no one wants to be slowed down with back pain while you’re on holiday.

To help ease those holiday season aches, here are three of the best stretches for back tightness you can do anywhere. Give them a try, relax your stiff back and embrace those special moments you’ll cherish for years to come.


Hip Flexor Stretch

If you planning on swaying to some Michael Buble Christmas Carols, this is the stretch for you. The hip flexor group of muscles stabilise the lumbar spine and pelvis. Not only do our hips help us move on the dance floor, but they’re also super important for running, cycling and most everyday movements.

Sitting for a long period of time — something everyone has done at some point in their life — contributes to tight hip flexors. In turn, tight hip flexors can cause lower back pain, hip pain, and injury.

Practice hip flexor stretches daily to stay strong and flexible. Take a large step forward, placing your back knee to the ground, place your hands on your front knee for balance and keep your torso straight. Hold for one minute and repeat on each side, and once again if you have back stiffness.


Childs Pose

Child’s pose is a simple yoga pose that works wonders for lower back pain. It’s a gentle stretch that focuses on the lower back and can be done in a couple of minutes. Feel free to repeat this one a couple of times throughout the day if your back is feeling extra sore.

Find a comfortable place to sit and place a mat or towel down. Sit your shins with your knees together and lean forward with your arms in front. If this causes discomfort in your knees, try spreading them as wide as the mat and remember to take deep breaths.


Cobra Stretch

Another yoga stretch that’s easy to do and will help ease lower back tension is the cobra stretch. It complements the child’s pose stretch as well by targeting the front of your lower back and I suggest alternating them together.

Lie down on your stomach and press up with your hands in line with your chest. Hold this stretch for 45 seconds to one minute. You can try leaning back into the child’s pose stretch for a deeper movement. Repeat 2-3 times making sure you take deep breaths throughout.

What To Do If Back Tightness Continues

After a couple of weeks of practising these stretches for back tightness, you should begin to notice a difference. If you are suffering from back pain before your holiday, I highly recommend getting it checked out now before the Christmas holidays begin as many Chiropractic clinics will be closed during this time.

If you have any questions about back pain please contact us or book an appointment with a specialist today.

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