3 Great Stretches for Office Workers


Here are my top stretches for office workers or anyone who is sitting and doing a lot of computer work. These three stretches can help prevent muscle tightness and soreness as well as assisting with maintaining a good posture. A lot of my patients get given these stretches as homework.

1. Pec Stretch– This stretch is a great way to open up the front of the chest and shoulders. With everyone spending so much time on computers this is an important stretch for correcting postural imbalances that can arise from sitting at a desk all day.

2. Glute Stretch– Pretty much everyone these days has tight glutes! This stretch can help to prevent lower back pain and imbalances in the pelvis.

3. Hip Flexor Stretch– Our hip flexors tend to get pretty hammered from sitting all day long. These big muscles get short, tight and nasty pretty quickly when you’re working 8 hours a day sitting at a desk. Everyone should be investing a few minutes a day into this hip flexor stretch in order to keep your spine healthy.

Hold each of these stretches for 2 minutes each side and repeat 2-3 times at least a couple of times a week. It takes 2 minutes to work into the elastic properties of the muscle so try and hold these stretches for the full 2 minutes…. No cheating! These stretches are great way to prevent major postural imbalances, injuries as well as general aches and pains.

Pec Stretch to help with neck, chest and shoulder pain give by Chiropractor Brisbane CBD

Pec Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch to assist with Low back pain. Good Chiropractor Brisbane CBD

Hip Flexor Stretch

Chiropractor Brisbane CBD advised doing Glute stretch to help with lower back pain

Glute and Hip Stretch








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